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Thank you for visiting my blog.

On this blog you will find content on a range of varied topics, but most of my posts will be on the following categories:

Electronics Repair

My current advocacy is on reducing electronic waste or e-waste by repairing damaged electronics. This advocacy was inspired by a project of my college organization (UP Circuit), The E-Waste Project, which aims to promote the proper disposal of e-waste. I thought to myself, why not prolong the useful life of our current electronics and devices? My family usually asks me to repair broken electronics at home, so I decided to document and post my work here. By doing this, I hope to promote repairing and reusing old electronics instead of throwing them and buying new.

Artificial Intelligence

As an AI engineer, I get involved in a lot of artificial intelligence during my day job. Most of the work I do can’t be disclosed online, but I try to make it a habit to post the current trends I’m interested in, as well as the rare items I do at work which can be shared publicly.

Personal Finance

Curiously one of my (non-tech-related) hobbies is on reading up about personal finance. Over the last four years, I read on all the different savings, investment, insurance, and other financial products. Here I will share some of my thoughts and opinions on how to manage money.

Feel free to browse my posts. You can click on the different categories on the left side bar. Let me know your thoughts through the comments section of any post. Enjoy!